Facts & Figures

With over 20 years of experience, we offer the grower and retailer 20 years of experience and benefits of working with one of the world’s market leaders in horticultural products and accessories. We fulfill private labeling for multiple brands.

Company Facts & Figures

We currently employ over 50 people, spread over local representatives in multiple countries, and supply over 5000 retailers and e-tailers in over 40 countries. We offer an innovative range of high quality, tested and safe horticultural products. Our business revolves around creating innovative products together with our partners, big and small. Together we go from inspiration to innovative category management and walk the route to success.

Our highly advanced bottling lines allow us to bottle millions of litres of liquid ferilisers and additives in over half a million bottles ranging from 50ml samples to 20 litre jerrycans per year. We produce over 45 million litres of substrates per year ranging from 10 to 50 litre substrate bags.

Our distribution centre gives Collab Creations the unique logistic capabilities that guarantee the delivery of all your orders within 96 hours. The distribution centre measures 5000m2 with 3 adjoining warehouses.

Sustainability Facts & Figures

As an innovative, future-driven and green business company, Collab Creations takes its responsibility towards society and environment. That is why Collab Creations strives for eco-friendly and efficient product development, production, usability and conformity to the latest international and local product legislation.

REACH and CLP regulation
Collab Creations always does everything in its power to meet the legal requirements of REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging). These regulations involve strict legal restrictions regarding certain material contents of products sold within the European Union. By complying with REACH and CLP, Collab Creations takes its responsibility and contributes to the improvement of the environment, public health and public safety.

Green Business Created Together
Through our MORE development team Collab Creations supplies you with innovative green, energy and resource saving ways to process intermediate products. The MORE Coco Buffer Dose Units is one of our innovations that creates green business together and maximises sustainable and resource saving.

Taking our responsibilities
All Collab Creations’ products are subjected to strict quality requirements. Within the supply chain, raw materials are chosen with maximum care. On arrival and before processing incoming and outgoing raw materials are subjected to strict quality control. However, despite all these safety measures, over time some products may not meet certain requirements anymore. In these extremely rare cases, Collab Creations always puts the safety of customers first and will immediately issue a safety notification or, if necessary, a recall.